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Industry-wide Information Infrastructures (III)

Increasingly, the linking of intra-organisational information systems across organisational boundaries gives rise to a new phenomenon that is discussed as Industry-wide Information Infrastructures in the IS literature. In contrast to the traditional notion of information systems, information infrastructures are characterized by the heterogeneity of their participants, the evolving and emergent nature and their functionality, and their historical rootedness in the sense that they are never built from scratch but always built over an 'installed base'. We are presently especially interested in the emergence and evolution of information infrastructures in the area of pharmaceutical distribution and dispensing. We study this industry in several countries and are actively involved in industry initiatives in China and in Germany.

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Development of IT Standards

In the research field “Development of IT-Standards” we focus on the emergence and diffusion of IT-Standards. We distinguish between compatibility standards and communication standards. The former are used to create standardized interfaces between different hardware and software components, the latter regard rules for communication between different information systems. The close relationship with the research topic “Industry-wide Information Infrastructures” (III) is apparent: Standardized interfaces provide the basis for III through enabling companies to communicate electronically. Our contributions concern the development of a framework for explaining and evaluating standardization processes as well as the exploration of interesting aspects of standardization processes such as software patents and the Internet of Things (IoT).

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Development and Implementation of Enterprise Systems

There is a notable trend towards ever wider integration of enterprise systems. The currently dominant form of such systems -- called Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) systems -- poses daunting challenges for companies regarding their implementation. Such processes are often intricately related to organizational change processes. We have studied and actively participated in such ERP implementation processes. Moreover, ERP systems are increasingly transcending company boundaries as such systems are connected between organizations (giving rise to yet another form of Industry-wide Information Infrastructures, see our first research topic). We have studied multiple ERP implementation processes, developed an early warning system for ERP implementation processes, and also contributed to the literature by having developed a scenarios for future enterprise systems which consider the possibility of 'Supply Chain Resource Planning' systems.

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