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Our project "A Learning-based Approach to Digitalization of Healthcare Services" has recently been awarded a grant to apply an alternative approach towards the development of information infrastructures in a learning environment which we call a Learning Community. The project is one of eleven projects funded by the university's ICT Project House; more...
[Mar. 01, 2017]

The "Learning Community Aachen" has been recognized as an innovative project through a prize awarded by the Association of Community Pharmacists; this short video (in German) introduces the project; more ...
[Feb. 25, 2016]

The "Learning Community Aachen", which was founded by us three years ago, has published a book (in German) which documents its discussions and proposals regarding innovative IT use in the area of medication management, more ...
[Oct. 29, 2015]

Our team (Matthias Dechent, Jörn Dressler, Nikolai Konikov, Norman Müller, Malte Strunk) won the regional final of the Accenture Campus Challenge 2015 with their project idea “City Projcts. The portal to current projects in your city”; more…
[Jul. 23, 2015]

Our paper "Novice-based Data Collection Methods ..." was awarded "Paper of the Year" (together with another paper) by the journal Electronic Markets.
[Feb. 5, 2015]

A new event, the Accenture Campus Innovation Challenge 2015, will be hosted in cooperation with Informatik 5, more ...
[Jan. 05, 2015]

A new paper on the future of enterprise systems just came out (more); please send us an email if you would like to have a copy.
[Nov. 14, 2014]

A new paper discusses our experiences with a new empirical method, called novice-based data collection; more ...
[July 22, 2014]

A little book just appeared with Springer which summarizes our research findings about the emergence of an open information infrastructure in China's pharmaceutical distribution industry; this book specifically addresses managers and policy makers; more ...
[April 2, 2104]

And one more paper about evolution of an information infrastructure in Chinese pharmaceutical retailing appeared as an advance online publication in the Information Systems Journal, this one adopting a life cycle approach; more ...
[March 11, 2014]

A new paper on the development of e-ordering in China's pharmaceutical industry just appeared in JIT; please contact us if you would like to have a copy. 
[Dec. 12, 2013]

One more paper on the emergence of information infrastructures in healthcare --in England and Finland -- is available here
[August 21, 2013]

An new paper on the emergence of information infrastructures in the Irish and Australian pharmaceutical distribution industry just appeared in print; more ...
[July 30, 2013]

Another paper just appeared in the Journal of Global IT Management, this one on the strategic use of software patents (more ...).
[May 8, 2013]

A new paper about the evolution of IOIS just appeared in the European Journal of Information Systems (more ...).
[April 30, 2013]

A new article elaborating the idea of novice-based data collection just appeared in Electronic Markets; more ...; a free pre-print version is available here
[April 19, 2013]